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Energy Management (ESOS) Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme

Energy Management

In today's Climate conscious world, businesses are always looking at ways to save energy, improve their carbon footprint and cut costs.BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., can offer ways to save money by reducing the energy consumption of your Company. BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., believe in Value for Money and our services can be tailor made to suit your energy savings programmes.

Having carried out numerous ESOS audits and assessment, we have a clearer understanding of the electrical usage within buildings. This doesn’t matter if it is an industrial unit with manufacturing, office block or warehousing and distribution centres etc., one of the largest key energy users is lighting. By allowing BKW Energy Solutions Ltd to take a look at your lighting loads we can offer you a very cost effective solution. Having teamed up with a large Lighting distributor means we can offer competitive pricing on replacement LED lighting units and a very quick turnaround on supply. We can offer a SUPPLY ONLY option or, alternatively we can supply, install and commission.

Our aim is to help Companies achieve better energy efficiencies, and to assist in promoting their Corporate Social Responsibilities regarding the Environment and their Carbon Footprint.

If you require any further information regarding any aspect of Energy Management please do not hesitate to contact us all information is below.

Cost effective Health and Safety from South Yorkshire

The Health and Safety side of BKW Energy Solutions Ltd stems from our experience of over 39 years in the Building Services and Maintenance field of engineering. Barry Whittles was one of the very first health and safety representatives trained by a large international company (1975) six months after the Health and Safety legislation was implemented.

Advice and Practical Input

With the ever changing legislation, Barry recognises a need and requirement in the marketplace to offer advice and practical suggestions to small and medium companies nationwide.

Assisting Businesses with Limited Resources

As we have said before the field of Health and safety is constantly changing and therefore quite difficult for some companies to keep up with these legislation changes. Organisations without an in-house safety expert are likely to struggle to implement cost effective compliance. In some cases, vast amounts of money can be wasted paying for unnecessary contracts, accident costs, claims and insurance increases on premiums.
BKW provides a low cost solution to support companies who do not employ a health and safety professional. We can become your in-house expert with one of our service packages.

The Approach

We carry out work on a project basis. It is our preference to give a more comprehensive health and safety service in the form of a monthly retainer or an annual retainer. The approach generally follows as:-

  • Visit the client to discuss their needs and requirements
  • Review/audit workplace and current procedures
  • Analyse the requirement
  • Recommend procedures, improvements and the approach
  • Complete safety policy documents and review
  • Complete health and safety procedures
  • Assist with the implementation, to include the following:-
    • Systems training to
      • MD
      • Departmental managers
      • Supervising staff
      • Employees
  • Also see our Health & Safety page and Energy Management page

We have no doubt that BKW Energy Solutions Ltd can be of real value to your company, and offer to invite you to Click to call to discuss your needs. The Click to Call button will connect you to our office.

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