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Case Studies for Energy Savings Opportunities

Case Study 1

Having carried out ESOS projects for several clients there is one overall pattern that emerges from the data collected and that is converting from the older fluorescent lighting to high efficient LED lighting can save companies a major amount of money from their utility bills and off the bottom line.

One company for instance had 387 buildings and the breakdown of data collected is totalled below:-

One branch delivered 57% reduction on installing LED, we surveyed 10 sites out of the portfolio of 387 Branches/Offices/Depots/Warehousing, Looking at the average savings that could be achieved is approximately 53%. Seeing the drop off of power being used during the installation period is shown in the graph below.


LED Install

Taking into consideration the average electricity savings that can be made on the company's 12,500,000KWh usage per year this would reduce the consumption down by 6,625,000KWh with a monetary value of £596,250.00 off the bottom line. Of course there has to be the installation costs to be worked into the equation this amounts to approximately £970,862.00 with extrapolated savings of £269,331.00 giving a simple payback of 3.6 years. I believe this to be a good payback period and with the reduction of maintenance required to keep the Fluorescent lights working the payback will reduce even further.     

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