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What now after ESOS?

Now ESOS has been completed what now?? We need to look at the Energy saving schemes that can be made by replacing i.e. Lighting!

Lighting in any form whether it be office lighting, factory lighting, manufacturing areas, Classrooms or retail areas all firms can benefit from the installation of high efficiency LED lighting.

BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., have teamed up with a lighting company to supply LED lighting solutions for all companies looking to save money

BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., while carrying out ESOS Assessments and Audits found the largest Electrical consumer to be lighting in most companies, therefore let BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., find low cost solutions for you.

ESOS assessments and reports have now been completed for a number of companies by BKW Energy Solutions Ltd. These range from retail outlets to security firms, all now meet the ESOS compliance and have registered with the Environment Agency.

ESOS Deadline for UK Businesses

The ESOS deadline for UK businesses to meet the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Compliance as set out by the Environment Agency expired on 5th December 2015, with an extension deadline of the 29th January 2016 for those businesses already in the process.

 Companies still have until 30th June 2016 to achieve ISO 50001 certification as a form of compliance to meet the ESOS regulations.

Does your Company still need to carry out the ESOS process, if so please Contact Us today for a quote, or for further information regarding the ESOS criteria.

Audit Your Business for Energy Efficiency

A survey of your business can highlight potential energy savings, some can be implemented  from no cost to low cost.  Contact
​BKW Energy Solutions Ltd to find out how you can save money.

Small changes within your working practices can reap cost efficient rewards.  Staff awareness and training can promote good energy saving procedures.

Don't delay, ask for help today.

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