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Breaking News DECC RIP

As of the 18th July 2016, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been merged into an enlarged ​Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Does this mean the ending of the direction the UK Energy Policies and Strategies has taken in the past. What does it mean for the Energy Industry and the way we should be monitoring the Energy usage for our Industries.

I believe this action was to take place after the last election in 2015, but it has finally happened, WHAT NOW?

Check out the DECC RIP article on the EMA website at ​ it is of great interest.


BKW Energy Solutions Ltd are now on, , and Google Plus, please have a look for us on these sites, there is lots of information about BKW Energy Solutions Ltd to help you choose us for your Energy Auditing projects.

Environment Agency ESOS

What happens now after ESOS

5,950 notifications of compliance had been received with a further 1,000 companies intending to comply late (before the 29th Jan 2016). This leaves more than 3,00 company's non compliant, a percentage of these companies will be ISO 50001 compliant already, but this still leaves possibly 1,900 (approximate figure) that will be non-compliant at the end of June 16.

As the Headline states "What happens now after ESOS", Do companies follow up on the Energy Savings Opportunities referenced within their ESOS reports?

Companies that want to use their ESOS reports to carry out their Energy Savings Opportunities then please contact BKW Energy Solutions Ltd for advice and action, we can save you money. We will assist in defining the scope for the best solutions for your company from your ESOS reports and if there are any short falls in the report we be able to help define more actions. Please visit our website at

Poll are you going to act on ESO's recommended?

BKW Energy Solutions Ltd are teaming up with a large LED Distributor to enable us to supply High Efficient LED lighting at very competitive pricing. Give us a call to arrange a meeting and start saving money on your utility bills. Just by replacing your old lighting with LED's we could save you 25% on your electricity overheads. While on site we could carry out a survey on your current lighting, or if you have the information available to send us the 12 months electricity and gas KWh used per year for a guideline estimate.

Different applications of the LED lighting schemes below.

Industrial LEDOffice LED                                                                                                                      Corridor LED

BKW are Registered as an EMA ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Lead Assessor.

Find out how your company can make savings by identifying ways to reduce energy consumption by using BKW Energy Solutions Ltd., to implement ESOS Assessments and Audits.

Our company can now offer a qualified lead assessor to carry out energy assessments and energy audits for ESOS compliance.

The  ESOS Compliance deadline passed on 5th December 2015,  with a delayed extension of 29th January 2016 for Companies already in the process.  Does your organisation meet the ESOS criteria? It's not too late to find out,  we are just a phone call away.

 Contact us for more information on ESOS and find out why this will benefit your company.


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